Security works

  • The storage of the Property Management and Operational Office PLC. of Pécs
  • The storage of IVECO BESSO PLC.
  • The department stores of Skála Fashion PLC. (Székesfehérvár, Gyõr, Pécs) until 2004.06
  • Skála Fashion PLC.- Skála Metro department store in Budapest until 2004.06
  • Skála Sztráda in Tatabánya till 2004.06
  • Centrum PLC.'s department stores in Pécs
  • 25 stores of Plus Élelmiszer Diszkont LLC.
  • The stores of Mecsek Füszért PLC.(Pécs, Szekszárd, Veszprém, Dombóvár)
  • The storeages of Mecsek Füszért PLC. (Veszprém, Szekszárd, Pápa)
  • City Centre Department Store LLC. in Tatabánya
  • The storages of Pannon Thermal Power Station PLC.
  • Storages of VERTICOR PLC.
  • Armed guarding of T-Quckó PC.
  • Armed guarding of Suficit LLC.
  • The guarding of the objects of MATÁV COM LLC. in Pécs
  • The guarding of Robotech LLC. in Kozármisleny and Pécs
  • Guarding of the storages of Remisszio LLC.
  • Guarding of the storages AUTO-PRINZ LLC.
  • Guarding of the storages and constructions of STRABAG PLC.
  • Guarding of the storages MECSEKÉRC LLC.
  • Guarding of the storages and constructions of Hoffmann PLC.
  • Guarding of the storages Kaposvári Városgazdálkodási LLC.
  • District-Heater LLC.of Pécs. - storages
  • Simonyi Károly High School guarding-Pécs

Monitoring of Public Programmes

  • Székesfehérvár -Fehérvár Market- guarding
  • The guarding of every programme on the Baranya County Business Centre's public social gathering
  • The guarding of the X. Farmers day in Szentlõrinc
  • The guarding of the III. Szentlõrinci Lobbiparty
  • The guarding of Besso PLC. programmes
  • Guarding some programmes of Pécsvárad's Local Goverment
  • Guarding some programmes of the Local goverment in Szentlõrinc
  • Guarding the fotball matches of PVSK (NB III.) football team
  • Guarding gathering of MECSEKÉRC LLC.
  • Guarding gathering of TREND MUSIK LLC.


  • Cleaning of the institution of MATÁV PLC. (Baranya, Tolna, Somogy, Zala)
  • City Centre Department Store LLC. cleaning shops
  • Pécs TV LLC.-cleaning
  • Cleaning of VISTA travel agency
  • Suficit LLC.-cleaning
  • Quckó Real Estate Agency-cleaning the offices
  • Cleaning of an office building in Kaposvári Városgazdálkodási PLC.
  • Power Shield LLC.- cleaning offices and shops
  • Cleaning shops in PÉCSI KERESKEDÕK HÁZA LLC.



  • Operation of the City Centre Department Store LLC. in Tatabánya



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